Who do you know, who'd like to drop 2-3 dress sizes, in 10 minutes, without pills, diets, surgery or exercise?

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Imagine going from a size 18, to a size 12-14 in just 10 minutes. GUARANTEED RESULTS !

Plus we have a Total Body Cleanse Weight Loss tea - that flushes out your system, detoxing you from parasites etc., leaving you feeling lighter and more energetic! Customers drinking this tea for 1 month have found they lost on average 1lb per day... just through detoxing!

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London-based, Nottingham-based - same day / next day delivery of the Body Magic:






GET RID of the lumps and bumps!

  • Holds it all in!
  • Lifts buttocks and breasts!
  • Improves posture!
  • Get into the dress that you want!

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  • Look and feel younger
  • Firms the abdomen
  • Helps to reduce & prevent lower back pain
  • Get your mojo back!

Is this you?

Well, not any more.... the Body Magic will hold it all in !

Who do you know, who'd like to shrink up to 3 dress sizes, in 10 minutes without pills, dieting, surgery or exercise - and with no side effects?


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In addition, the Weight Loss Detox Tea helps you to rid the body of extra fats permanently... Sometimes, the body holds onto extra water and fats unnecessarily. Imagine just being able to get rid of that unneeded baggage! The tea is a gentle detox. Cleansing your system of what is doesn't need. Benefits are: more energy, clearer skin, clearer thinking, better system. Come to a FREE 'WOW!' party (showcase) 
in London, Birmingham or Nottingham where we show you real people, real pictures of their before and after and testimonials of what the slimming products / weight loss kit have done for them. Contact 'Skinny Diva' now, if you'd like to be a host of one of our WoW! parties (anywhere in the UK). If you run a slimming club, or a slimming club and you are looking for products that work, and more inspiration on your weight loss journey - contact us. You will absolutely LOVE the results! And we'd love for you to tell others about what we do.

The Body Magic gets rid of those love handles, reduces your waist line, slims you down and gives you more definition. You will not want to leave home without it.

MEN and women are reshaping themselves instantly.

Who do you know who wants to look slimmer? Look trimmer? Look fitter?

Who do you know, who has an event coming up (perhaps a wedding, a reunion, a job interview) - and wants to be looking at their very best?

Contact us NOW - text: 'Magic Me' to 07801 371 299 or email: slim@bodymagic.co.uk or fill out form below, and Agent Slim (aka Skinny Diva) will get in touch with you.

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Agents in: Nottingham, London, Coventry, Birmingham, Leeds, Derby, Luton, Essex, Croydon - who can do same / next day fittings. If you have an event coming up e.g wedding, christening, hot date, bar mitzvah which you absolutely MUST look the part for, or if you have baby-weight (that belly) that you just need to shift - contact us. You will love the results. And all your friends will wonder how you did it, and will want one too.

An appointment with us, WILL change your life!